Jimi Hendrix’s Newcastle gig poster 1967


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Jimi Hendrix’s Club a’GoGo gig in 1967

The Jimi Hendrix Experience first played Newcastle on 10th March 1967 at the now defunct Club A Go Go on Percy Street. Jimi was in Newcastle as a result of his association with Chas Chandler, Bass guitarist for The Newcastle band The Animals who was then his manager.

Apparently the band were paid £250 for their evening’s work which consisted of two shows, one at 8pm and a later show at 2am.

During the earlier of the two shows (attended by none other than Newcastle royalty Gordon Sumner AKA Sting, and Jimmy Nail) Jimi made a hole in the ceiling by with the headstock of his guitar.

“The Jimi Hendrix Experience was an overwhelming, deafening wave of sound that simply obliterated analysis. I think I remember snatches of ‘Hey Joe’ and ‘Foxy Lady’, but that event remains a blur of noise and breathtaking virtuosity, of Afro’d hair, wild clothes, and towers of Marshall amplifiers.” Sting would later write of the gig in his autobiography.

“I lay in my bed that night with my ears ringing and my worldview significantly altered.”

This poster

No posters from the gig exist (I don’t think they made any posters to promote it) and so this is an imagining of what one would have looked like.This poster is a completely original design based on adverts from the Club a’GoGo, posters of the time, the information we have available and how Jimi’s unique style influenced posters for his gigs elsewhere.

The poster is designed by me 100% from scratch in high resolution, none of it has been cut and pasted from elsewhere which would compromise it’s quality.

It is A2 in size and printed locally (to Newcastle) on high quality satin paper.

For charity

Every penny of the profits made from these posters will go to my Great North Run fundraising in aid of Teardrop, a support group for families who have experienced the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.


Postage is £3.95 standard delivery to the UK and £7.95 outside the UK. Collection is free – once you’ve placed your order, email michael@maddisoncreative.co.uk and we can arrange a time to collect.

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