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Are you looking for a cost effective way of communicating with your customers and potential customers?

You can send out an entire email campaign for free. This won’t give you all the metrics you might be looking for, but essentially it can cost you absolutely nothing. And that ability to communicate with people so cost effectively can be invaluable for businesses with a limited budget. If you’re looking for something a little bit meatier when it comes to reporting, you can send your email out via one of the numerous mailing systems that will give you all the information you need in order to see how your email has performed and how to improve it for the next one. And you can get all this for as little as 1p per email.

Are you looking for a means of communicating with potential customers that allows them to be directed towards your website effortlessly with a single click?

When someone receives an email, if they are compelled to do so by your fabulously worded email content, they can jump over to your website with a single click of their mouse. No other direct communication gives you fewer obstacles between the user and your website.

Are you looking for a medium that allows you to present content in a combination of interesting ways using a variety of media, where you can update content dynamically should any of your content change?

As much effort and thought goes in to the design of emails, as goes in to the design of a website. Sometimes more in fact, as on many occasions your email is the first touch point, and you might only get that one chance to convince someone that your site or product is worth a second look. Long gone are the days where businesses communicate with customers via text emails – images, interactivity, video, data capture – an effective email campaign combines it all. And of course there is no ‘gone to print’. If it’s built, and it’s not working or you don’t like it, we just change it.

Do you need a way of communicating with people where you can monitor exactly how many people have read it, who's done what was intended with it and which parts work and which don't?

How many of your emails have been delivered? How many have been opened? Who’s opened them? How many people have clicked on your link, or watched your video? What day and time was your email delivered and opened, and how does that compare to the last one that was sent on a Monday at 6pm. Track every element of your email so you can make the next one more effective.

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