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Visual, creative & Brand development

Whether you have a brand that you'd like to take to the next level, or developing a new brand from the kernel of an idea, Maddison Creative can help with creative & visuals, creating something dynamic you can apply across a range of media


Are you building your business from scratch and you need a brand identity?

Your brand is usually your best salesman. Get it right and you’re well on the way to having a successful business. Get it wrong and whatever it is that you’re trying to say is going to be difficult.

Graphic Design - Signage

Is your current brand not telling the full story of your business in the way you'd like it to?

Maybe your brand is tired. Trends move quickly online and what was considered good design five years ago, looks ancient today. We’ll take each element of your brand, assess it and update it if necessary, in a way that will keep the heart and soul of your business, but will bring it into 2017, ensuring it hits the right notes with the right people.

Digital Advertising

Are you looking to take your existing brand into other sectors and you need a way of translating your brand into one that will appeal to a different audience?

What appeals to one group of people isn’t necessarily going to be a success with another, but that doesn’t mean that the same thing can’t be applied in a number of slightly different ways in order to resonate with everyone.

Design Consultancy

Do you have a concept for a business or a project that you want to make tangibleand visual to help get buy-in from stakeholders or investors?

If you approach a group of people and ask them to buy in to your grand plan and you don’t have something tangible for them to see, to hold and to touch, you’re relying on their imagination to do the hard work. And if their imagination isn’t as vivd as your own, and doubt creeps in as to what it is exactly that you’re suggesting, or if they don’t quite see it the way you do, then you’re on to a loser. Remove all doubt – we can visualise exactly what it is you’re proposing to support your pitch and you vastly increase your chances of success.

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