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Q1. What is your company/organisation name?

Q2. What does your company/organisation do?

Q3. Is this a new or replacement site? (If new, go to Q9)

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Q4. What is the current domain (URL)?

Q5. What is your motivation for changing to a new site?

Q6. What do you like/dislike about your current site?

Q7. Can you give details of existing analytics, account access or reports below:

Q8. Do you need a development site/testbed during build?

Q9. What are your organisational goals for the website – what do you want to achieve with the site?

Q10. Who is your target audience/audiences?

Q11. What will they come to your website for?

Q12. What are the main categories you'd like to feature on the site – from most important to least. (These will become the site map).

Q13. Do you have any existing content available to tell the story? (photos, videos, text, diagrams, etc) If so, what?

Q14. Who is going to create content for the new site? Will it be done with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind?

Q15. What do you want people to do when they get to the site?

Q16. What are the two most important calls to action that will be on the home page?

Q17. Where does your target audience spend time online? Where will you be sharing your content (links on the page using Social Sharing to LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Do you have these channels set up already?

Q18. What functionality does the site need? What does it need to do to be able to achieve everything you'd like it to achieve?

Q19. Do you have any logos, colours, style/brand guidelines or marketing materials (give details)?

Q20. List three websites with design ideas that you like (can be from anywhere)

Q21. List the web addresses of up to three competitors' websites

Q22. Do you have or need a domain name and or hosting etc. If so, what are the details, and if not, what is your preferred domain name?

Q23. Do you have a set of priority keywords and phrases (for SEO)?

Q24. Will this (SEO) be considered in the content creation (in-house/by a specialist)?

Q25. How is performance going to be measured after launch?

Q26. What's your budget?

Q27. What is your deadline? Are there any other milestones that need to be achieved by certain dates?

Q28. Who will project manage from your end? Who is the main point of contact?