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*Please note; filling this form doesn’t commit you to anything, it’s simply a way of finding out as much information as possible about the project so you can get an accurate quote, and so that there are no hidden surprises along the way.

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Why do we need a design brief?

A design brief is a document that should be completed prior to every graphic or web design project (or any other type of design project), primarily by the client but with some input from the person or people responsible for creating the asset or assets.

The primary purpose for the brief is to outline the scope of the project, what it should achieve, and if known, how it should achieve it (function and aesthetics).

It should also include timescale, deadline(s) and budget.

In the first instance it equips the designer with all the information he or she needs to embark on the project, but it’s also a useful reference point should there be any uncertainty over what’s been requested, when it’s required and other key details.

It is also used as a measure of the effectiveness of the design process and can be used to benchmark key deliverables and measures. 

They are usually signed off by both the client and the designer prior to the kick-off of the project and so both parties know that what is contained in the brief is what both parties should expect to happen.

It might also contain risks and potential pain points that could delay or completely derail the project from either side.

Tips on how to write an awesome design brief.

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