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Digital advertising, Display ads, Google PPC

For businesses looking to drive traffic to their website, build brand awareness and generate leads in an engaging, dynamic and measurable way

There are a wealth of opportunities online for advertising, from standard Google search/text ads/PPC (pay per click) to page takeovers, screen overlays, expandables video & many more custom ad-slots that are unique to a particular site. Each has its own merits, and done correctly can be highly impactful and cost-effective.

Video and animation production

Animation & interactivity

Some platforms allow for animation and interactivity, giving the user a way of engaging with your ad that makes them significantly more likely to click to find out more/visit your site. Others require a static image/graphic, or text only – whatever you’re looking for, we can help.

Targeted Ads


With many websites you can narrow down who sees your beautifully crafted online ad, so that only people you want to advertise to, and who are most likely to react to your ad, and ultimately convert to your product or business are ever shown your advert.

Cost effective

Cost effective

If you couple a strong message with the right imagery, interested viewers can be taken straight to your site with a single action – how many adverting media can say that?

With the right messaging on your site and not only can you drive a lot of traffic to your site for a low cost, but you can get them to convert while they’re there then making your ROI even higher.

Digital Advertising

Attention grabbing

Think of an online advert as a billboard that can contain your imagery, strapline, offer, logo – anything you might see on the side of a building. Then throw in video and animation and interactivity, and a direct way of getting people who see your ad to your site and you can imagine how impactful an online ad might be.

Brand Awareness

Of course you don’t need to use clicks as a measure of how successful your ad campaign has been – you can buy page impressions buy the hundreds of thousands. Choose the site you’re displaying them on carefully and each one of those page impressions equals a potential customer who has seen your branding, offer or product.

Interactive Design

Pay per click

‘Pay per click’, means you only have to part with money when someone clicks on your ad. This can prove extremely cost effective, as you only pay when you have a lead, irrespective of how many times your advert or listing is actually seen.

Social media advertising

Advertising on social media is a hyper direct way of reaching your target market, in the web’s most popular media. Highly targeted, low cost of acquisition and high yield.

Build links to your site & drive & increase traffic

Build your SEO and increase your page ranking by driving traffic to your website and increase the number of backlinks – both key contributors to page ranking – with digital advertising.

Do you want to drive traffic to your website?

You have a great eCommerce website that you’re confident will convince people to buy your product, but the problem is that nobody can find it. Online advertising is perfect for you. With a single click, you can get people into your web-store where they’ll be taken aback by the quality of your product and buy immediately!

Do you want to target only people who may be interested in your product with your advertising?

With targeted ads you can display your advert to people who have searched for one of your chosen keywords that are relevant to your site, only in a certain location that is nearby so you can get your product out in a timely manner, only at a time of day that you know your customers or potential customers are ready to buy. Hey presto! You’ve filtered out anyone who you know isn’t interested in what you’re selling and you have quality traffic to your site, ready to be wowed with what you have to offer.

Do you want cost-effective advertising where you pay only when you get results?

Pay per click (PPC) means just that. Your advert could be shown a million times a day, and if nobody clicks on it then you don’t pay a penny. Only when your potential customer is provoked into clicking on your ad do you then pay a small fee, which, if your targeting, wording and compostion of your ad have been well thought out and put together, and your site is nicely constructed, you will easily recoup through sales.

Do you want to advertise in a dynamic, creative new media, placing your company at the cutting edge of your industry?

Current web technology means that you can advertise in so many attention grabbing ways, outside of the ordinary 2d graphic. Animation, interaction, video. Screen overlays, site/page takeovers, expandable ads that animate when you interact with them, data capture – the list goes on…


If you have any questions, or you’d like some free advice, we’d love to hear from you - we’re on hand to answer any questions you have about online advertising.

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