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Graphic Design

Maddison Creative doesn't just design for the web, we also do offline design too - Logo design, branding, print advertising, brochures, posters, apparel, everything you need as part of a joined up campaign and comms that can also stand alone. Add you your brand or develop a new one.

Whether you have a fixed idea for what you want your new logo for your new or existing brand, product or business or whether you’re open to fresh ideas. Work with experienced designers to create a logo that will grow your brand.

Brand Identity

Brand identity

Your brand can and should  tell a potential customer everything they need to know about your business. Get it right and you’re well on the way to having a successful business. Get it wrong and whatever other messages you have could get lost. Brand identity, brand guidelines, and brand assets of all kinds, both online and offline.

Digital Advertising


Print advertising can take many different forms – posters, flyers, billboards, newspaper of magazine adverts. Let us know what you’re tyring to say and how you want to say it and we’ll do the rest.



Apply your branding to a product whether physical or digital, or make a new or existing product more attractive and appealing and therefore saleable.

Joined up campaigns

Print design such as posters, flyers & advertising sometimes exists on its own, but it will often form part of a wider campaign or brand. Maddison Creative is a one-stop-shop for all your design requirements whether it be online, offline, or both!

Photo editing - Graphic Design

Photo editing

Do you have a photo that needs retouching? Perhaps you’d like someone edited out, or colour added to a black and white photo. Cropping, adding text, brightening and contrast, or bringing an old photo to life.


Publications/printed media

Think graphic design, and you might think about traditional printed media such as brochures, booklets, books and magazines. Though traditional they needn’t necessarily be boring.

Graphic Design - Signage


Building signage, vehicle signage, event signage, all on brand and all executed beautifully.

Custom Design

Design exists everywhere and you can add your brand and messaging to pretty much everything. Vehicles, events, apparel – sometimes the more creative you are the more attention grabbing your message is. If it’s out of the ordinary and you’re looking for a creative approach, then get in touch. 

Does your startup need a logo or brand identity?

You’ve come up with an idea for your new venture, put together a business plan, and have the finances and logistics in place. Your next step is to come up with an identity so you can begin to push forward in earnest.

You most likely have the seeds of an idea for your brand and your visual tone of voice, or you may know exactly how you want it to loo and what you want it to say about you. On the other hand, you may be starting from zero.

Either way, Maddison Creative graphic design can help you turn your ideas into something you can hang your hat on.

Do you need a way of engaging with your customers offline?

While it’s true that more time is spent online than at any other point in history, people continue to exist in the real world too!

You might want to target a demographic that isn’t totally absorbed by the digital universe (strange that they exist in this day and age, no?)

Strengthen the breadth of your brand, campaign or promotion by adding printed elements that can inspire and engage users not online with a creative, innovative graphic design solution.

Do you have a brand that is starting to look and feel a little tired?

Graphic design sensibilities change at an incredible rate, and what is considered to be new and fresh one minute can seem very dated the next.

And it’s not just the preserve of people in the design industry that have to keep up with the latest trends – every one of us, as consumers, is bombarded 24/7 with commercial imagery so when something looks old hat, it’s very noticeable.

Don’t let your brand be left behind.

Do you have a physical product that needs to feel like it belongs to your brand 'family'?

It might be packaging, or it could be an event. Perhaps it’s signage or clothing. It could even be a fleet of vehicles or the interior of an office.

Maybe it’s all of those?

We’ve experience of making all manner of physical products and spaces tie in with a company’s brand. And we’ve also conceived the brand that we’ve then adapted and applied to all of these different media.

Thinking of design  solutions – whether they be web design or graphic design – to meet a diverse variety of needs is what makes us most happy.


If you'd like a chat about anything related to graphic design or printed media then get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

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