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Freelance Web Designer Newcastle

Michael Maddison is a graphic & web designer with over 20 years industry experience

A graduate of BA Art from the University of Lancaster, Michael Maddison is an award winning designer with experience of working for agencies, FTSE 100 companies and for multinational brands and in the public sector in a career that spans over 20 years.


I've provided a wide range of businesses big and small with online and offline design services as a freelancer, as an employee and as a contractor

Whatever design work you’re looking for – whether it’s web design, interactive content, digital display advertising, video, animation or graphic design – I’d be more than halppy to help. I can work flexibly and in a number of different ways – either on an ad-hoc basis, via a contract or per project. Get in touch to find out more, or to discuss what it is you need.

Web Design and Development

Freelance Web Design

I’ve built and worked on hundreds of websites of all sizes from a single page to hundreds, doing everything from building them from scratch, developing additional functionality and dynamic, engaging content, database work, graphics, SEO, responsiveness, analytics and performance.

Digital Advertising

Display advertising

I’ve designed and built dozens of digital advertising campaigns that really work. Convert page impressions in to clicks and sales with eye catching ad campaigns.

Interactive Design

Bespoke Content

Reward your customers and site visitors with entertaining, meaningful content that will have them engaging with you, generating sales leads, driving traffic, collecting data and giving you traction on social media.

Email Design & Build


Attention grabbing email designs that are fully tested on all the popular email clients and that will successfully make it through their spam filters with a great open rate. Get your message in front of your clients.

Graphic Design


I’ve designed everything from brochures to posters, billboard adverts, business cards, flyers, t-shirts and work apparel and even contributed to the design of the livery of a Formula 1 car!

Animation & Video

Campaign messaging delivered in a succinct, easy to digest way. Award winning animation in a range of formats that can be delivered via the web or offline.


Brand building

I’ve build brand elements and written brand guidelines for multinational companies and startups alike. Logo design, colour palettes, tone of voice, photography & videography style, fonts & identifiers.


Bespoke Training

I’ve delivered a number of training sessions on a variety of web-related subjects, such as Adobe creative suite and the principles of web design and digital advertising.

Design Consultancy

Design Consultant

I have a great deal of experience in design best practices and what design elements are involved in any given project, how long they might take, what planning is involved, and how best to execute them.

Maddison Creative Rocket Maddison Creative Rocket Flame

Give your business or campaign the boost it needs to reach the stars!

I pride myself on being able to successfully interrogate any brief in order to get to the crux of what the project is trying to achieve and how best to get the most out of any communications.

I have experience of working with a range of budgets and am able to maximise every penny in delivering communications that increase awareness, drive traffic, leads and sales.

I speak plain English and can translate geekspeak!

I realise, having worked with both technical and not-so-technical people that some of the language used by techies can be baffling to someone in a less technical role.

I have a foot in both camps – I’m a designer at heart but have chosen  a relatively technical industry and so have learned not only how to communicate using geekspeak, but also to translate into plain English for those people to whom it means very little, and then back again when more technical language is required.

Change the record. Dance to your own tune

Make your media really sing with attention grabbing creative media, both online and offline. Joined up campaigns that are effective, dynamic, measurable and great value for money.

Contact me - I'd love to hear from you!

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you and your business, then drop me a line

I’m based in Newcastle upon Tyne, so if you’re local then I’d be delighted to meet for a coffee and a chat. If you’re further afield then I’m happy to schedule a Zoom or a telephone meeting  so we can chat remotely. I look forward to hearing from you!

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