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Video & Animation

A full range of video production services from pre-production planning through to final delivery and marketing

Video and animation production

Do you have a website that would benefit from content being delivered in a concise, easily digestible format?

With the advance of web technology, more and more content is being delivered in ways other than the written word. It’s easier to digest and much more engaging.

Web Design and Development

Do you have a project, a service or product that you'd like to really showcase online or TV?

Video can really bring a project, service or product to life in ways that you simply couldn’t achieve in any other medium. Animation, graphics, titles and audio can tie any film in with your brand so you can ensure it’s all on message.

User guide

Does your product or service need instructions or user support?

Perhaps a video or animation enabling users or customers to self-serve, reducing the demand on your support team?

Give someone a set of instructions for a product and the likelihood is that they’ll put them to one side and continue trying to use the product without any guidance. And when that happens the other likelihood is that they’ll find it tricky, take an instant dislike to the product and at the very least not use it to its fullest. When that happens, people look elsewhere for a product that will give them everything your product already has and that they’re not aware of. Allow people to get the most from a product of service by presenting instructions or guidance in a very user-friendly way.

Are you planning an event that you'd like to be memorialised? Or perhaps you'd like to deliver a corporate message to off-site employees either streamed live, or after the event??

Give people the feeling of inclusion by inviting them to take part in an event they can’t physically attend. Live streaming allows you to deliver content simultaneously to a number of remote locations, and once an event is captured it can be used in a number of locations, including the web, and means the event can be relived time and time again.

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