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15th June 2020

Restrictions on non-essential retail business begin to ease in the UK today, with huge queues outside many high street stores that have been forced to remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the crisis that ensued.

Of course, online businesses have been able to trade throughout with many seeing a huge increase in profits as a result of there being no high-street alternative and people having to spend more time entertaining themselves and their families indoors.

If you’ve been considering starting your own business – you’d like to capitalise on the ‘new normal’, or perhaps you find yourself out of employment, or want to secure some income in case of a second spike in the virus, or simply seek a change in direction in your career then now might be the ideal time.

Momentum is building for people to become active again after the forced period of inactivity and that means financially as well as physically.

Although it’s been financially devastating for some parts of the economy, one benefit of the lockdown is that it has left many people with money in their pockets, having not been able to splash out on holidays, trips to the pub and to restaurants, and without gym memberships and sky sports subscriptions.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you build a brand, logo design, websites to get you trading online in no time, and other promotional material such as posters, flyers and business cards, then get in touch today.

The business of web design: Flat websites vs CMS – what’s the difference?

There are two main categories of website: the flat/HTML brochure style website and the CMS (Content Management System) website. The main difference is that the website owner cannot update the flat/HTML website without web design/development knowledge.

They are intended to be built and managed by the web designer/developer, and whenever the site owner requires an update to the site, they would go back to their designer/developer who will be able to make the update for them. This works well for sites that don’t require many updates, as they are more cost effective for the site owner, taking less time to set up and build than their CMS counterpart. Flat/HTML websites also traditionally have limited functionality.

A CMS website is built on the back of a content management system (WordPress for example) and is generally connected to a data source; A database for example (other data-sources are available!). They are also built using more complex programming language; php or ASP.NET for example (along with HTML in many cases) to allow for a greater scope for functionality, enabling the user to interact with the site in much more depth.

The main benefit of a CMS website however is that they can be updated and managed by the website owner without any prior knowledge or experience in website technologies. Because they are more complex however, they will cost more than a flat/HTML site, but this is balanced out by virtue of the fact that the site owner does not have to rely on/pay for a web designer/developer to make updates.

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