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Blog/Ten great ideas for social media posts

28th April 2021

Everyone knows how important social media engagement is to connect with your existing and potential customers. We all spend lots of time trying to gain more followers on our social platforms, but once they’re on board how do we go about stopping them getting bored and either paying less attention to us or jumping ship altogether?

Sometimes it’s easier to rehash old content, post something you know not to be hugely interesting because ‘it’s better than nothing, right?’ or worse still, long periods of inactivity.

Here’s a top ten of interesting and engaging social media posts that will help keep you in the consciousness of your customer base, with plenty of good quality interactions which will in-turn lead to conversions.

1. Promotional Videos

With an online video you can spoonfeed concise, punchy content to your users in a way that’s easy to digest and that requires very little effort on their behalf. And let’s face it, it’s infinitely more interesting than boring old text.

It has long been acknowledged that video promos offer businesses among the highest return on investment, with over half of those who watched a video online going on to make a purchase.

2. Infographics

Infographics can deliver content in a powerful and interesting way. They are used as a visual tool that can soften dry content in a way that the user’s brain can easily digest, with up to half of all people responding to visuals better than they do to plain text.

Infographics can also increase familiarity with your brand, as your logo, colour palette, fonts, tone of voice and graphic style are all used to make up the infographic.

3. Giveaways/Competitions

Nothing gets people motivated to engage quite like free stuff, especially when you add in a competitive element like a quiz or a challenge.

Social media is the perfect platform for this kind of content as it’s easily and freely shared, and can therefore get your content exponential exposure in a short amount of time.

Obviously, the more valuable the prize/freebie the better, but even low cost items or hard-to-get free items can generate a decent amount of interest.

4. Voice of the customer

Nothing gives your brand or product credibility like a testimonial or great customer review. Around two thirds of customers actively seek a review before they buy something. Make positive reviews as easy to find as possible.

5. Customer case studies

Demonstrate how your business or product helped one of your customers. Whether it be to make their life easier, or helped save them money or time, if people can resonate with your customer then you have a much greater chance of a sale.

6. Social Media User Generated Content

Has someone written something nice about you or your business? Or maybe they’ve shared a photo of themselves using and enjoying your product? Share the life out of it. It ticks the boxes of both points 4 and 5, but your customers will like it and share it in return, and it demonstrates that you’re paying attention to them.

7. Good quality photos

There’s a time and a place for plain text, but mostly, being visual animals, we react better when information is accompanied by visual stimulus. Add life to your text with a high quality photo, and engagement will go up.

8. Polls

When you ask your customer base a question it’s the most opaque way of directly asking them to engage. And they will often respond – especially one that it centred around a hot-topic of the moment, if the results fly in the face of what they think, or if they feel their voice needs to be heard.

NB: Try and avoid anything too controversial or it can descend into war (as social media is prone to!)

9. Photos/details of your people

Give your followers an insight as to the human face of your company or organisation with information about who actually works for or with you. This way they will feel more of a connection with you, and it will help them recognise that there are people at the heart of your business, you’re not just a faceless business.

The more people you have working for or with you, the deeper the social content mine you have!

10. Simple blog posts

If you’ve gone to the effort of writing a blog post you want as many people to see it as possible, and what better way to do that than to share it on social media?

By doing this you’ll also drive traffic to your site too (not just customers/followers but their followers too, and their followers too, and thei..(etc.) , so it’s win win.

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