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Blog/Colour palettes for your fresh new startup

21st January 2020

One of the key elements to getting your visual tone of voice right and building your brand is your colour palette. It’s also, along with font choice, one of the very first things I do when I’m coming up with a brand identity.

Once you’re happy that your fonts and your colour palette says what you want it to about your offering, then that should be enough to inspire you to the next stage which, for me, is to start building out visual elements that will contribute to your identity.

I find that once I get the main building blocks right at the outset – font, palette, tone of voice, brand name – all that jazz, then the more complex design elements become so much easier. It’s like you give yourself a quick look at the map before you set out on your ten mile hike rather than leaving the house without one at all and hoping you can rely on the start to get to the finish.

The guys over at Logobly have put together a selection of colour palettes that they say are perfectly suited to startup businesses. They’re quite funky, they’re modern and they’re fresh. But most importantly they’re all harmonious, and work together to combine to produce something that’s greater than their individual parts.

Next time I’m tasked with putting together a brand or a logo, I’ll be jumping straight on here to see if any of them lend themselves to what I’m trying to create.

Check out their colour combinations here: https://logobly.com/colors/?ref=webdesignernews.com

There’s no shame in getting a little leg up every now and again, and this just such an opportunity. You wouldn’t try and reinvent html every time you build a website would you? Let other people inspire you with things they’ve put together, and dip into them whenever you feel it helps.

This week we’ve also been working on some exciting new web design projects that I can’t wait to share with you. But more about that later!

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